Advantages of being in the Auto Enrolment Schedule

How much you pay

If you are auto-enrolled, you will pay a contribution to the Plan and DHL will also make a contribution. These rates depend on your own personal circumstances. Your summary leaflet will tell you the percentage you contribute, or you can ask the Pensions Department.

You pay through a ‘salary conversion’ arrangement called Penwise. A pension deduction made in this way qualifies for tax and National Insurance relief. For example, under current tax rates and rules, a £100 contribution for a basic rate tax payer would cost £80 (with the 20% tax rate saving).

Read more about Penwise.

If you leave the Company

You don’t need to opt out of the DC Section before leaving service. Your HR department will tell us when you leave service and we’ll then send details of your pension options to your home address.

What happens to your contributions if you opt out

If you opt-out within the first calendar month of joining, member contributions will be refunded by Payroll less tax and you will be treated as though you never joined.

If you leave after one month you can either leave your pension account invested or transfer it to another registered pension arrangement.

Opting in or out

You can opt in or opt out of the Plan at any time by completing the opting in or opting out forms.

Did you know?

The government expects all UK employers to ‘automatically re-enrol’ employees into their pension plan every three years. This means DHL employers must ensure that eligible employees, who opted out at least 12 months before the re-enrolment date are enrolled again into the Plan’s Auto Enrolment Schedule.

Once you have been automatically re-enrolled, you will remain in the Plan’s Auto Enrolment Schedule unless you choose to opt out or cease membership.