If you die, the Plan will provide benefits for your loved ones.

Check your summary leaflet or your annual benefit statement.

If you die while employed by the company

If you die while still working for the company and paying contributions, we will normally pay your beneficiaries a cash lump sum which, under current inheritance tax law, is tax free. The Trustee has discretion over how much of a cash lump sum is paid, and to whom, but will take into account your wishes if you have completed a nomination form.

If you die after leaving the Plan

If you have left the Plan, but haven’t transferred your savings out, the Trustee will normally use your pension account to provide your beneficiaries with a cash lump sum.

Nominating your beneficiaries

You should complete a ‘Nomination of beneficiaries’ form to let the Trustees know who you would like to receive the benefit. For example, you could nominate a family member, friend or charity. You can also request the lump sum is divided between 2 or more beneficiaries.

Download nomination form.

Alternatively you can complete your nominations online, just click to login or register at the top of the screen.

If you die in retirement

The Plan will not provide benefits for your loved ones once you’ve taken your savings from the Plan. It’s up to you to choose a retirement option that includes death benefits.