LifeSight: a drawdown option

If you’re thinking about taking your retirement savings through Drawdown, LifeSight is one option that can help. LifeSight aims to make understanding and managing your savings simple. The Trustee can put you in contact with LifeSight as an option for a Drawdown provider. However, it will not be the most appropriate drawdown arrangement for everyone. You can choose whichever company you like to provide your Drawdown account.

LifeSight lets you take a tax-free cash lump sum, either the point you join or as part of each withdrawal you make. You can also choose how to invest and access your remaining savings, however and whenever, you want.

See the big picture by predicting how long your savings might last through the LifeSight ageOmeter tool.

Withdraw your savings, as and when you need, to live on in retirement.

Invest in a range of funds.

Take action by choosing your investments and managing your withdrawals; all through your online account.

LifeSight’s online tools equip you to make informed decisions. They help you to understand how long your savings may last and how you can use your overall retirement savings to fund your lifestyle.

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How you invest your savings can have a big impact on how long they’ll last and LifeSight gives you choice on how much control you want over your investment choices.

Risk-focused options allow you to choose a level of investment risk that suits you.

The annuity matching option lets you invest in the short-term before buying a guaranteed income through an annuity in the future.

Freechoice is LifeSight’s range of 22 individual funds that gives you full control of your investments.

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LifeSight is free to join and in most cases it’s free to withdraw your retirement savings. To cover the cost of running your LifeSight account, including managing your withdrawal and investment choices, you’ll pay a fee each year.

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You can find out more about LifeSight by visiting the Plan Guide. Please get in in touch with the DHL Pensions team once you are ready to take the drawdown option.