Your journey to retirement

The information on this website aims to support you in your journey to retirement and help you make decisions that are right for you. It is a summary of how the Plan works, and full details are in the Rules of the Plan.

You have 3 key savings decisions:

1. How much is enough for your retirement?

Decide when you’ll want to retire and how much money you’ll need for the lifestyle you’d like. Most Plan members responding to our surveys say they want to retire at State Pension Age on £20,000 a year.

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2. How much can you afford to contribute?

Work out how much you need to pay in now to build up the savings you'll need by the time you retire. The younger you can start, the better.

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3. How much investment risk can you take?

Where you invest your savings can make a difference to their value over time. The more risk you take, the more chance your savings have to grow over the longer term. But they can also lose value quickly in some circumstances.

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Did you know?

We survey Plan members each year to find out how much they think they'll need to live on in retirement

You could be living off your retirement savings for 17 years or more. The State Pension Age is 67 for most people (you can check yours at gov.uk) and, on average, men and women in the UK live until 84 and 86 years old.

The Plan's investment funds offer varying levels of risk. High risk funds have more chance to grow over time, but could also lose money suddenly. Low risk funds are less likely to suddenly fall in value, but they may not grow much over time.