Want to know what the options mean for you?

You can shop around yourself or you may want to use HUB Financial Solutions which can offer a range of tools to help you better understand your situation:

How long might I live?

To help you understand how long your pension savings may need to last in retirement, use the:

Longevity tool

How much might I need?

To help you understand how much your costs in retirement may be, use the:

Costs Estimator

How much tax will I have to pay?

Look at how much you will have earned and how much tax is likely to be due, should you choose to take a one-off payment from your pension.

Tax Calculator

How likely am I to run out of retirement savings?

To help you understand the risk of your retirement savings running out, use the:

Drawdown Risk Calculator

Thinking of buying an annuity?

Use the Annuity Calculator to get a quick estimate of the regular income your retirement savings could provide:

Annuity Calculator

Please note that these tools are offered and maintained by HUB Financial Solutions and are used on an ‘own-risk’ basis.

Want to read more?

These resources will help you learn more about your retirement options so that you can make an informed decision:

DHL Group Retirement Plan Guide

A reminder of how your DHL Group Retirement Plan works:

Read the guide

How to buy an annuity

Read HUB’s guide to buying an annuity, which provides practical information on getting the best annuity for you:

Read the annuity guide

Annuity factsheet

Read about buying a regular income for life:

Read the annuity factsheet

Drawdown factsheet

Read about using Drawdown to withdraw savings as and when you need:

Read the drawdown factsheet

Cash factsheet

Read about taking your retirement savings as a cash lump sum:

Read the cash factsheet

Want further help?

Deciding how to take your pension account is an important and complex decision that will affect how much income you receive, and when you receive it, in the future. There are a number of additional sources of help available:

Pension Wise

Free and impartial Government guidance about your DC pension options:

Visit the Pension Wise website

The Money and Pensions Service

Provides useful information on different types of pensions and the options available:

Visit the Money and Pensions Service website

The Pensions Advisory Service (TPAS)

An independent, not-for-profit organisation that provides free information and guidance on pensions:

Visit the TPAS website