If you leave the Plan with more than 30 days' membership, you'll become a deferred member. You can either transfer your savings to another provider, or you can leave them invested in the Plan until you reach retirement. Although your contributions will stop, you can still change how your savings are invested.

If you leave with less than 30 days' membership, the Pensions Department will contact you about your options.

How to transfer your savings to a new pension plan

If you want to leave the Plan and transfer out your savings, you’ll need to complete these forms and provide these documents:

  • A Member Discharge Form to be completed by you.
  • The receiving arrangements discharge form to be completed by the administrators of the receiving pension scheme.
  • An original or certified form of identification (e.g. a passport).
  • Proof of the receiving arrangement's HMRC tax registration (the receiving scheme will provide this at your request).

If you are thinking of transferring out of the Plan, please contact the Pensions Department.

Thinking of transferring

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Ill health

If you become ill and unable to return to work, the Trustee may allow you to take your savings immediately, without having to wait until you reach retirement age. Contact the Pensions Department if you need more information.