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Read this article to understand how the Plan’s funds have been affected by the Ukrainian crisis. March 2022

What kind of retirement are you
aiming for?

How much do you think you’ll need to get there? How do you save that little extra each month? Here’s what your colleagues said.

How the DHL Group
Retirement Plan Works

Watch this video to understand how the DHL Group Retirement Plan Works, and how your pension account can deliver an income for you in retirement.

Download the DHL Pension Tracker app

You can download the DHL Pension Tracker app to view your pension account wherever you are, updated in real time. You can view your pension contributions and review your personal information so we can keep in touch.

Saving for Retirement

Are you saving enough for to pay for the lifestyle you'd like in retirement? Understanding your contributions and investments will help you maximise your savings for your future.

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Planning for Retirement

As you get closer to retirement, you'll need to decide how you'll use your savings to provide an income when you retire.

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Automatic Enrolment

All eligible employees are automatically
enrolled in the DHL Group Retirement Plan.

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Plan Governance

We have a board of Trustees who look after the Plan and its assets. Their job is to ensure it is well-managed, delivers good value for members and meets legal requirements.

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